New Album ‘Awqat’ 2019


Mirna Chaker a notable Lebanese Soprano known for her angelic voice.

While pursuing her studies at the faculty of knights bridge London in the medical field, Mirna won many singing competitions, which got her noticed by Peter Gabriel. Yet despite many opportunities, she returned to Lebanon as a Dr. in Electrolysis and opened her own medical establishment; while gifting her voice to social & religious causes. Her faith and belonging to the church came naturally to her a descendant of Mar Ignatius Elias Chaker III – Patriarch of Antioch and the East in 1917 – declared Saint in India, 1982.

 Mirna has many performances to her credits:

  • The official song dedicated for the Gibran Khalil Gibran Annual Award.

  • “Ya’ mra2atan”, a song dedicated to women. Awarded by the Murex D’or

  • ‘Jeita Grotto the Wonder’ a dedicated song to boost Lebanon’s grotto for the New 7 Wonders International Competition.

  • Performed for the First Lady at the Beit Eddine Palace.

  •  A duo with the great Italian Tenor Alessandro Safina, at Casino Du Liban.

  • ‘Our Right for Peace’, an event for all Ambassadors at the Casino Du Liban.

    In truth, Mirna Chaker never conceived singing as a lucrative activity. It is a gift of God that she shares with the world to spread more optimism, tolerance and compassion.

Magical Palermo Chssirtmas 2016


Magical Palermo Christmas 2016

160 Musicians & Vocalists performing the best Christmas Carols Palermo – Italy Liceo Musicale Orchestra conducted by the maestro Salvatore Scinaldi & Choir with NDU Choir Conducted by Father Khalil Rahmeh | Soloist Mirna Chaker




Album release in 2019


Registered in Yerevan;

by The National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia – SYOA

Composer & Arranger: Nadim Bou Khalil

Mixed & mastered: Studio Ralph Sleiman



Ave Maria 2018

Perfomed by Mirna Chaer; honoring our blessed Virgin Mary.

– Composer; Giulio Caccini

– Arrangement; Dr. Assaad Hab


Magical Palermo Christmas

A large-scale unique Christmas concert, including around 160 artists

– Conducted by Salvatore Scinaldi, Fr. Khalil Rahme & Soloist Mirna Chaker



Vidéo clip produced by ” la Communauté de l’Ange Gardien- Apôtres de l’Amour ”, performed by Mirna Chaker. Written and composed by Eddy Dagher & Michel Laffe.


Jeita Grotto The Wonder 2011

For All who love Lebanon, a project dedicated to Jeita Grotto; one of the New Wonders of Our Planet. An opportunity to give Gratitude for a Land so Great and a Cavern so Proud. 

Gibran National Committee Annual Award 2013


Mirna Chaker Awarded Murex D’Or 2014

Mirna Chaker performing: Ya Mra’atan, a song dedicated to support Women Cause.


Gibran National Committee Annual Award 2013

Honoring and promoting highly distinguished Lebanese achievers who Gibran called “Children of my Lebanon” 


Duo with Alessandro Safina 2011

Time To Say Goodbye;

Duo: Alessandro Safina & Mirna Chaker at Casino du Liban


Ambassador’s Night 2010

Salle des Ambassadeurs – Casino du Liban, Theme ‘Our Right For Peace’ Uniting all Ambassadors in Lebanon.


The Lebanese Forces Martyrs Mass 2009

‘Meen Minkoun’ Live Performance by Mirna Chaker

The song is the Arabic version of ” Spente Le Stelle” famous song of the Diva Emma Shapplin


Meen Minkoun

by Elias Naser | Composer: Jean -Patrick Capdevielle | Arabic Version of Spente

Mon Amour

by Guy Bontempelli | Remix by Said Murad | Re-Mixed


by Antoine Gebrara | Composer: Ehasan El Monzer | Awarded song for Women

Helm El Ghar

by Elias Naser | Composer: Claude Chalhoub | A song for Human Rights

Con te partirò

by Lucio Quarantotto | Composer Francesco Sartori | Alessandro Safina & Mirna Chaker


by Father Khalil Rahme | Official song: Gibran Khalil Gibran



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